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6.25.2005    |    Liberals are so much fun...
...when they're not imposing their Fluffy Bunny faith on the rest of us. It seems that David Obey, a doctrinaire liberal from Wisconsin, has weighed in on the alleged atmosphere of religious intolerance at the Air Force Academy. And, as surely as night follows day, a doctrinaire liberal columnist, E.J. Dionne, has weighed in today in Obey's support.

Let us be clear -- religious bigotry, as has been alleged to have surfaced at the Academy, has no place in the world. Evangelism most certainly does. Dionne, and Obey, as far-left Catholics, may be excused for not understanding that all Christians are told, directly by our Savior, to "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" (Mt 28:19). It's been said that many Catholics neither read nor understand Scripture, leaving that to their priests. The Catholics I've known give the lie to this. However, it's for certain that these two, Dionne and Obey, don't quite understand the nature of Jesus' command to all Christians, or they perhaps wouldn't raise quite the fuss about Christians doing what Christians are supposed to be doing.

As for Obey, he claims to be Catholic, but will not follow core Catholic teachings on the value of unborn life. Dionne makes this sound like this is being a good Catholic, and paints those in the Catholic hierarchy who have a firmer grasp on the Gospel of life than Obey does as being "hard-line."

Well, Fluffy Bunnies like Dionne and Obey may be surprised at this, but Jesus was himself quite hard-line on morality and on respect for God's gift of life. Bishops who wish to enforce this, within the confines of the Roman Church, aren't "hard-line" so much as faithful to the message of Christ.

Nevertheless, Obey claims that his bishop "did not have the right to 'dictate how I vote on any public matter.'" Making it sound like the bishop, and by extension, the Catholic hierarchy from the Pope down to the village priest, has a position on the Environmental Protection Agency's budget. As well they might, but that's not at issue. The "public matter" at hand in the right for the unborn to be born. This is, in fact, a public matter. But it is first a moral matter, in which one's faith must inform Obey, or any other lawmaker, on how they should vote. Another word for this is "conscience."

Which Obey, and presumably Dionne, would prefer not ever be consistent with the message of Christ -- should that message somehow conflict with Obey's re-election prospects or his standing within the pro-death Democratic Party. Or, as Dionne so adroitly puts it,
Obey struggles to balance the demands of his faith with the obligations of pluralism -- and for this, he receives few rewards.
Sweet phrase, that: "obligations of pluralism." Shorthand for, if some Muslims, atheists, or others object to any of the teachings of Holy Mother Church, too bad, Mom -- gotta uphold that "pluralism." This is not just weak Christianity; it is weak morals. It sacrifices that which the believer holds dear, that which is ground truth, for the vagaries of the poll.

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