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9.27.2005    |    Church/State at Dartmouth
Beautiful article by Wm. F. Buckley today at NRO. It concerns itself with what has become, in the words of Noah Riner, the president of the Dartmouth Student Assembly, "a speech culture" in which certain topics and even names are verboten. In this instance, the name was Jesus, held up as a laudatory exemplar by Mr. Riner.

Well, of course, all the right-thinking, meaning un-thinking suppressors of academic speech said all the expected things. That, among other things, the mere mention of Jesus constituted anti-Semitism. WFB correctly, and succinctly remarks that
to eliminate anti-Semitic discrimination should not require the rejection of Christian traditions. The opposite could be held, inasmuch as a Christian who practices discrimination violates not only federal law, but also Christian law.
Some Jews may have rejected Jesus as Lord and Messiah. But He most assuredly has not rejected them. The Jews got first dibs on Jesus' first go-'round. And they'll get first dibs to join with Him at the end. It's only fitting. Jesus was, after all, one of God's chosen people, a descendent of Abraham by the flesh.

Afterword: for more on the hysteria at Dartmouth, see this article, also at NRO, by Stefan Beck. Orwellian is about the right term for what passes for academic discourse on certain subjects.

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Blogger John Schroeder said...

Important Stuff! I've linked to it here

8:49 AM, September 29, 2005  

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