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9.21.2005    |    Harry Reid, "antiabortion lawmaker"
But -- and it's a big but -- according to this story in the Washington Post, Give 'em heck Harry is going to vote against John Roberts' confirmation as the next Chief Justice of the United States. The mainstream media just loves to put little stumbling blocks to those who claim that all Democrats are anti-religion, anti-freedom, amoral baby killers. Harry Reid, however, is none of those things. Except when it comes to placing loyalty to the Donks ahead of his own personal sense of right and wrong.

It is actually kind of sad, a man who will place fealty to a godless human organization (the Democratic Party, very much godless) over his fealty to God. From the New Republic, another center-left publication:
his [Reid's] religious conservatism--Reid is a practicing Mormon--has never interfered with his loyalty to the Democratic Party and its constituent base, especially women's groups.
That last is not very elaborate code for pleasing the abortion-on-demand lobby. Leaving aside the Post's editorializing on the "news" pages about Mormons being religious conservatives, it is quite clear that most Mormons don't vote Democratic because of its anti-God agenda.

Not Harry, however. He's not that kind of a Mormon, i.e. a faithful one. The evidence is the very fact that he would vote against Roberts just to please the left-wing of his party, "led" by Teddy (the White Whale) Kennedy and whose patron saint is now Cindy ("U.S. out of New Orleans") Sheehan. The reason Reid gave was, to say the least, thin gruel. From the Washington Post story:
Reid said he decided to oppose Roberts because the nominee withheld too much information from senators and because government memos he wrote in the 1980s raised troubling questions about his views, especially on civil rights.
Just following the Ruth Bader Ginsburg precedent, Harry. Ginsburg, a far left nominee, said very, very little during her confirmation hearing -- and was approved 96-3. As far as government memos from the 1980s, we presume that means that Harry Reid did not and would not, given the chance, vote for Ronald Reagan. I think we already knew that, senator.

But, Harry, here's the thing: those who win elections are entitled to their own opinions about how far to take what you call civil rights. They have also been given the right, by the people whose will you so clearly wish to deny, the choice of nominees for the Supreme Court. What gets to you is the notion that, just maybe, Judge Roberts is not a fan of racial preferences; that is, he has actually read and understood the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

John Roberts may not turn out to be as conservative as liberals fear, nor as liberal as conservatives fear. By all indications, he will continue to exercise a brilliant legal mind in service of the nation. Perhaps the Harry Reids of the Senate are just too intimidated by such brilliance?

Well, senators, in brainpower as in many things, size does matter.

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