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9.28.2005    |    Our friends the Saudis
Here's the headlines a search on "Saudi" yielded on the Washington Post website this morning:
  • 3 Saudi Defendants Dismissed in 9/11 Suits
  • Two Beheaded in Saudi Arabia Over Rape
  • Saudi Foreign Minister Chides U.S. Policy
  • Vote Seen As Breakthrough for Saudi Women
  • Saudi Fighters in Iraq Bring Money
  • Hughes Raises Driving Ban With Saudis
  • Bush Waives Saudi Trafficking Sanctions
In that last story (link here), the "trafficking" is in human beings. The opening paragraph is really all one needs to know about our friends the Saudis, at least their true nature:
President Bush decided Wednesday to waive any financial sanctions on Saudi Arabia, Washington's closest Arab ally in the war on terrorism, for failing to do enough to stop the modern-day slave trade in prostitutes, child sex workers and forced laborers.
That "closest Arab ally" also says volumes, given that the Saudis are the source of much of the world's Islamic terror, given that the Saudis incite hatred against Christians, Jews, and, actually, all non-Muslims and even some sects within the "religion of peace" who have been at swordpoint with the Sunni branch of this devil's cult.

Well, I suppose that President Bush, having come from an oil-wealthy family, has his personal reasons for keeping the Saudis close. I surely wish that it would be due to the old adage, "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

I wish. But I think I'd be wrong. My sense is that love of money rules the heart of many of those in power, as it appaently rules the heart of a professed Christian (Bush) who does not lead us in war against the Saudis. Saddam is an evil man. So too is the Saudi ruling family evil, and those who collaborate with them.


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