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2.03.2006    |    Muslim idolatry
The facts are ugly enough. The latest violent reaction of the religion of pieces to images of their beloved prophet is expected. Here's one non-apologetic take on that story.

And, friends, it's already old news that Muslims will desecrate Christian and Jewish symbols in a heartbeat, if they can't find an actual Christian or Jew to slaughter. Some of us fight back, imagine that. So much easier to simply attempt to cower the secular and post-colonial guilty white Euros.

Now, as despicable and predictable as the Islamic reaction is, has anyone sat down and thought about what this reverance of a man, a mere mortal, is? Islam, on paper, forbids the making of a graven image, as, of course, does our faith -- Exodus 20:4.

One of the things that Christians have done is have loads of images. The usual justification for having statues, paintings, frescoes, and Jesus bobblehead dolls for the car, is that the pesky commandment about "graven images" (KJV) was just relating to worship of those images. Not their existence.

Islam, however, treats old plundering Mo(hammed) as if he were God. No images. You say nice things, like that "PBUH: that invariably follows his name (I always think of the "poobah", as in "grand imperial poobah", a term of derision). Worse, it's a major crime, a capital offence, to say anything bad about the moke. Under Islamic law, that is.

What does it say about a religion that treats a mere human as being worthy of this kind of deification? Answer: Idolatry. Which is the best one-word description for Islam.

Oh oh, fatwa coming from those peaceful Muslims...


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