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2.26.2006    |    Those pesky Nigerians...
...why don't they listen to their social superiors here in America? We're much more advanced; we don't let silly things like black-letter Scripture stand between ourselves and whatever it is we wish to do.

The immediate insult to Scripture comes, once again, from the Episcopal Bishop of Washington, John Chane, who was given space in the Washington Post to excoriate Archbishop Peter J. Akinola, primate of the Church of Nigeria. Why does Bishop Chane do so? Because Bishop Akinola is a Christian who, apparently, believes in Scripture. Bishop Akinola appears to know that homosexual behavior is not consistent with a Christian lifestyle.

Bishop Akinola has, apparently, acted on his bibilically-sound understanding of the Christian faith in that he, according to the very-much pro-Gay Agenda Chane
recently threw his prestige and resources behind a new law that criminalizes same-sex marriage in his country and denies gay citizens the freedoms to assemble and petition their government.
Now, it's possible that Chane is correct in the latter point: denial of what we Americans consider basic rights of assembly and redress of grievances. If so, I'd prefer that all citizens everywhere shared our basic rights.

It's funny, I don't remember John Chane beating the drums to liberate Iraq so that Iraqis could have basic rights of assembly and redress of grievances...Ahh, consistency, the hobgoblin of small minds...

On the criminalization of same-sex "marriages", Bishop Akinola has no choice as a Christian. He must oppose same-sex "marriage", on the simplest of grounds: Marriage is a covenant, sealed by God, exclusively between one man, and one woman.

One is free to call other arrangements anything one prefers. Calling them marriage does not make it so, as much as fuzzy thinkers like Bishop Chance might wish. The fundamental point is that gays are free to do what they like, but they're also free to endure whatever punishments their respective societies mete out for breaking one of God's laws.

Someone like Bishop Chane would doubtless be among those who condone, who are "tolerant" of things like Saudis or other muslims taking multiple wives. It's their culture, after all, who are we guilty white liberals to tell them they're wrong. But when another Purple Shirt in the Anglican Communion starts to read his Bible and, horrors, believes, and worse, acts on what he reads, it's Katie bar the door. Can't have that. Those cute little Nigerians just can't be trusted to be in our Rich White Boys' Club, now, can they?

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