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2.23.2005    |    Genocide
The word "genocide" has been overused of late. It's been fraudulently, and with malice aforethought, applied to the control of terrorists in the West Bank (remember Jenin and the mainstream media lies?). There are probably some idiots who think that the bringing of the first free election to Iraq is a form of genocide. The world has a short memory, and forgets what the genuine article is.

Nick Kristof continues to serve as our conscience in the matter of the murder of black Africans taking place in Sudan. In today's Times, he again reminds us in his column, this time with grisly photographs. In a secret African Union archive, Mr. Kristof cites this simple statement of intent on the part of the Arab government of Sudan:
"Change the demography of Darfur and make it void of African tribes," the document urges. It encourages "killing, burning villages and farms, terrorizing people, confiscating property from members of African tribes and forcing them from Darfur."
Sounds like ethnic cleansing at its finest to me. Although even a single life is precious, when the murders mount up to a sufficient magnitude, and all of those killed are of a particular ethnicity, and the stated intent is to eliminate that ethnicity, well, then I think we have made the case that genocide is in progress.

Those last two words are key: in progress. Once again, the world yawns, giving Arabs a pass at murder and mayhem. Is it because the victims are black Africans? Or because the perpetrators are Arabs? A little of both, I suspect. While the Arabs and their pet Euros froth at the mouth over minor offences in our war on terror, very little is seen or heard to stop this genocide by adherents of the "religion of peace."

As a Calvinist Christian, I'm never truly surprised by evil. What does surprise me, even shocks me, is that the so-called civilized world, which claims to be compassionate, turns a blind eye. The Arabs who commit this genocide are clearly in Satan's dominion -- as are we all who do not shine a light on this evil and stop it.

I urge all who may read this to write your Senator, your Representative, any who you may think might be able to make a difference -- tell them to do what they can to stop the killing.


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