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3.09.2005    |    A Trainwreck in Slow Motion
When you come upon the United Church of Christ's website, you want to believe that they are still an authentic voice for our Lord. This is a church that can trace some of its roots back to those stalwarts of the Reformation, our Puritan forebears. Which makes their current state all the more depressing.

UCC is, of course, the ne plus ultra of the Northern, specifically New England, liberal church. While their roots may have been with the Puritans, they have veered so sharply from those roots as to be almost unrecognizable. They have journeyed into the folds of social liberalism at the expense of the Gospel.

There is a case to be made for those things that the so-called United Church of Christ espouses, and reasonable people may disagree on the virtue of those things. The problem is that UCC masquerades as a church of Christ. The paramount virtue for UCC appears to be the gospel of socialism, and inclusiveness at the expense of the Bible.

UCC, and others, will freely quote those verses that support their “social gospel”, or whatever happens to be the guilty-white liberal flavor of the month. They will just as freely ignore those verses that bring us crashing back to the harsh reality of our Lord as the perfect sacrifice of a wrathful God.

Denominations like UCC prefer to ignore the wrath, and focus solely on the mercy of God. They are, perhaps, the quintessential Church of the Fluffy Bunny. All joy and laughter, no cross, no suffering, pausing only for the requisite guilt trip for the sin of being affluent and white. Sin? Satan? Damnation? Judgment? How very, very, antiquated.

Jesus included all who would hear the good news and who would repent. All churches that confess Him as Lord must do the same. The UCC simply forgets the second part, also insisted upon by Jesus: Go and sin no more.

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