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5.16.2005    |    "We see God as our equal"
The title is a quote from a member of something called the United Church of Religious Science. In an article by Drew E. Goodmanson in a series called "Sheep and Goats."

The article is written matter-of-factly, without any sense of disapproval or approval. Unless Goodmanson has terminal Botox of the typewriter, I'd say he deserves a prize for not spewing coffee through his nose in hilarious laughter. If this "church" is any example of where religion in America is going, we are doomed. To get some sense of this, let's get a fuller bit of this member's sense of God:
"For me, I don't want a structure. I don't want to pray to God, I want to pray with God. I am equal with God. I know this seems so New Age, and yet it is inherent in who we are as people. If people were given their own free choice, I think they'd want this. I just can't see God as a god who wants to be the boss as [these other religions do]."
Can almost hear the soundtrack to "Malcolm in the Middle" by They Might Be Giants; the song where the refrain is, "You're not the boss of me..." Only these folks mean God.

Well, it isn't clear that these people are harmless nuts or if anyone really cares about their form of atheism. What they've got going for them is that their "theology" doesn't seem to differ much from any of the postmodern, I'm ok, you're ok pap. In other words, they blend in, chameleon-like, with their environment in post-modern America. Or at least in the more liberal environs of same. Chances are they'd be welcome with their views into many mainline Protestant churches.

In what may be the other money quote, the title being the first, consider this pearl, where a member is talking of different denominations:
We can both be right even if we don't agree on the issues.
Fascinating. I'll bet some of you thought that there were absolute truths, and things that differed from those truths could not also be true. So "issues" must be things in which there is no truth. Something tells me that this group of "Religious Science" might not consider Scripture to be true. Safe bet, don't you think?

Thank God they don't have "Christian" or "Christ" anywhere in their name. That would be embarrassing. Regardless of their apostasy, may God bless them and help them to see that God is, in fact, "the boss of me." And thee. And all.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Unless Goodmanson has terminal Botox of the typewriter, I'd say he deserves a prize for not spewing coffee through his nose in hilarious laughter."

What is the prize? Thanks for your thoughts on this. I try to get to the heart of the matter with my questioning to help 'reveal' these comments that are, well, insane.

D. Goodmanson

2:01 AM, July 07, 2005  

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