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7.03.2005    |    "hatred, division, war and greed"
Wow. Somebody has issues here. The entire quotation is from Patrick Mrotek, founder of the Christian Alliance for Progress. This gentleman proclaimed, at a Washington Press conference (via a Wall Street Journal article by Joseph Loconte entitled "From Gospel to Government -- The Angry Left finds religion, and the result isn't pretty.") thusly:
We can no longer stand by, and watch people speak hatred, division, war and greed in the name of our faith."

Double wow. I wish to be cautious in applying labels; I've personally known some fine pacifists who truly believe that Jesus' teachings preclude war as an option. The few honorable pacifists I know wouldn't be caught dead throwing stones like this fellah is doing. Mr. Mrotek (sorry to be snarky, but doesn't his name sound just like a groovy new brand of a portable electronic device?) may be a sincere Christian, but he sure hasn't got that judgment thing down yet.

The group is simply a far-left group that attempts to apply a Christian veneer to the typical MoveOn.org agenda -- abortion on demand, gay marriage, higher taxes on the "rich", racial and gender quotas, the whole enchilada. Oh, sorry. That was politically incorrect, wasn't it? OK, the whole matzoh ball. Which reminds me, though I haven't checked in-depth on the Christian Alliance for Progress website, chances are they think that Israel shouldn't exist and that all right-thinking Americans (meaning, of course, left-leaning) should divest themselves and refuse to give any shekels to any business that does business in or with Israel.

What do these "progressives" want (beside world domination, of course)? Their goal is quite simple, humble in its simplicity: "Reclaim Christianity and Transform American Politics." Nothing more. Nothing less. Since HTML lacks tags for "sarcasm", know ye that that is what is intendend in the last two sentences.

I presume that the reclamation project is to wrest Christianity away from those of us who actually think that it's all about salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, who put paid to all of our sins. Those of us who do not discard what have become politically incorrect and inconvenient portions of Scripture. Those of us who, in the first place, acknowledge the Bible as the ground truth for any who would claim the title "Christian."

The left-leaning "progressives" wrap themselves in very selective quotations from Jesus' teachings, just as some so-called Christian conservatives used to and (some) still do to justify things that really can't be justified.

For "progressives", this means, among other things, not mentioning that business about Jesus coming in glory to judge the living and the dead, since that would imply agreeing to what Jesus understood as the basis for that judgment -- Scripture, at least the Hebrew Scriptures. Just to cite a single example, I don't think Jesus would give gays a bye on Leviticus 18:22. Then they turn about and accuse us Christians (oh, did I let slip something of my true opinion here? My bad.) of sowing "hatred, division, war and greed."

This is not just nonsense; it is arrant nonsense (like that word). The approach of these lefties is: You disagree with me? You are sowing hatred and division. Nevermind that it could be me who is the hater here. So, what is the plan of these Christian "progressives"? To somehow get the major liberal party in America, the Democrats, to wrap themselves in this holy "Christian" cloth. And to prevent us knuckle-dragging troglodyte Christians from using faith as the basis for our electoral victories.

Which tells me that these folks have got us trogies backwards. We don't proclaim Christ as Lord in order to win elections. We win elections because we have faith that is grounded in Christ Jesus. He truly is our rock and redeemer. And there's nothing quite like knowing that God loves all of us, even us conservatives, even you "progressives", when we on occasion get thrashed.

If "progressives" are in the God business in order to win elections, how very sad for them. They've lost sight of the end. Or, better said, The End. A sneak peek is available at any who dare to read this.

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Blogger PFGW said...

Thank you for the wisdom and your no-nonsense way of dealing with this latest device of Satan.

These individuals who profess to be Christians, condeming and showing hatred for fellow Christians; appeasing the world and wanting the applause of those in the world...I've said for a long time, like Pilate they would answer "what is truth?". And like Judas they would say "that oil could have been sold and given to the poor".

10:35 PM, July 02, 2005  

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