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7.25.2005    |    Not fair, certainly not balanced
Unlike Fox News, so-called mainstream media such as the Associated Press consider Israel to be just like its neighbors, and to be equally at fault for any bad things that happen. Witness the latest headline:

Israeli couple, 2 Gaza gunmen die in new violence

"New violence." So balanced, you'd never know that there were two terrorists who plotted and carried out this attack on a man and woman. The AP also carried the story of those two animals, hopefully the ones killed by Israel, here.

Notice the use of the word "activist" to describe two terrorists, getting ready prior to "attacking an Israeli target." This is what a man and a woman are, in AP-speak, I presume -- targets. And those who plot and carry out such heinous attacks are "activists."

The Christian take on this must be to condemn the Palestinian terrorists, and the so-called Palestinian "government" that continues to allow, if not actively aid and abet such terror. It is still unclear how much of the latter goes on, as it certainly did under Arafat. If the Palestinians are to have a nation-state, they need first to control its terrorists.

It is not that Israel can do no wrong. Scripture is full of examples where Israel has sinned, and been punished for it. Israel exists only at the sufferance of God, in fulfillment of promises made -- and that is the key difference between modern Israel and any of its neighbors.

The Palestinians may simply be yet another idolatrous foe to be dispatched from the scene with God's sanction. Or, they may be a test for the Jews on how they will, as their prophet Micah told them they must, "do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God" (Micah 6:8). Either way, we must allow for Israel having a central role in the coming end times, and the fulfillment of Christian prophecy. To do this, she must first be allowed to live in peace.

Our role, in the here and now? Do justice, which first demands that terrorists not kill innocents. And definitely give witness to the fact that the liberal media does not know the difference between terrorists and the innocent.


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