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8.25.2005    |    Apologists for terror
A brief segment this morning on Fox Network News had someone from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations; which is a terrorist-related organization so I will not link to them) whining how fired radio talk show host Michael Graham had committed a heinous crime. Mr. Graham's crime was telling an unpleasant truth about Islam: it is a terrorist organization. According to the CAIR flak, Graham was simply spouting "hate speech."

This is fairly typical. When someone spouts an unpleasant truth, or, perhaps, an exaggeration for emphasis, there is not an engagement on the merits. No. There is simply the reflexive charge of "hate speech."

This kind of response is as old as humanity -- if the facts are not on your side, attack your opponent. The facts are very much not on the side of Islam's soothing image as a "religion of peace." Islam has been on a bloody march since the day of its founding, pressing itself through conquest, not by faith, but by the sword.

Bill O'Reilly had Michael Graham on his show last night, with the somewhat misleading title, "Radio Talk Show Host Fired For Speaking Poorly Of Muslims." Not exactly. He was fired for talking poorly about their religion. From the show, we have Graham giving a little perspective:
I cannot apologize for the truth. The truth about the condition of Islam today is tragic. I wasn't celebrating it or gloating about it. It's a - I feel so sorry for Muslims to challenge them in front of them. But I will not retract the truth.
The truth is that a substantial minority of Muslims believe that killing infidels is just fine. The truth is that an overwhelming majority are not taking necessary actions to reform their faith and declare their own jihad against those who have, it is alleged, "hijacked" their faith.

Getting back to the CAIR flak, he noted that if a talk-show host had said something similar about Jews or Christians, he'd have been fired on the spot. Indeed, that is probably the case. But there's a substantial difference: neither Judaism nor Christianity harbors and excuses terrorists. Neither the Hebrew Scriptures, nor the New Testament, condone, let alone require, the killing by Jews or Christians of those who do not submit to God as they understand Him. Islam's holy book does exactly this. We Christians, though we've sinned on this greatly in the past, leave judgment exactly where it is meant to reside -- at the hand of the Almighty.

No one ever said that the truth is pretty. Often it is ugly, and demands to be acted on. Michael Graham is but the latest casualty of our society's inability to cope with the truth.

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Blogger John said...

I watched thaton the BO Show here JL, and it was incredible! Someday they will wake up to the propaganda of the Isamists. Thanks for posting this.


11:01 PM, August 25, 2005  

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