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11.21.2005    |    Anti-Semitism is a sin...
...against God and humanity. This is John Paul II, getting it right for the Catholic Church. Why is this so, if the Jews will not (yet) accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah?

It is simply that God is immutable, and isn't a liar. God does not make idle threats, nor does He go against His word. Ever. He made promises to Israel, that if she kept faith with His covenant, He would redeem them. Many Jews have been unfaithful, yet there's always been a core that has been true.

These faithful Jews have, for over three thousand years, given us the truth about God's infinite mercy, and about His justice. They have held fast and true to God's Word and the behavior that God expects of His people, against oppressors from without and idolators from within.

It is no surprise that what we may call "Christian ethics" is not different from "Jewish ethics." The details? Start with Exodus 20, otherwise known as the Decalogue. Then proceed to Leviticus 19. Note that instruction from God to the assembly in verse 18, that "you shall love your neighbor as yourself?" The point is that Christians and Jews do not differ markedly on behavior that is acceptable to God. We differ on the truth about the Messiah, and other things, of course. But in our insistence that there remain God-given truths about ethics, Christians and Jews share common ground. And we've both earned the hatred of the world for it.

Brothers and sisters, the Hebrew Scriptures are not just there as an historical artifact. They remain true. They remain God's witness to the world, that the Jews remain His chosen people -- along with us, the new Israel. As our Lord tells us, in John 15:18: "If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you."

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Anonymous Andrew said...

One thing that is mentioned in the Bible is that 'no one goes to the Father (think Jewish God) but through Jesus Christ'. While we are meant to love everyone, and spread the good news to all. This includes leading the unbelievers (e.g. Jews, Muslims) toward a relationship with Jesus Christ. However, we should be careful not preach false doctrine when the Bible is so clear on the principles of salvation. Love and Peace...

2:48 PM, November 23, 2005  

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