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12.15.2005    |    Unholy man
Don't you just love it when a man who uses God to support his rhetoric shows us who he really is? We've got the president of Iran, adding to the anti-Semitic rhetoric with a public Holocaust denial. It would be easy enough to dismiss this moke as just another raghead moron. But he's the president of a major nation.

How to explain this? Easy. He is a Muslim. That is all you need to know. Islam has always viewed the Jews as their public enemy number one. Right from the beginning, when that peaceful dude Mohammed beheaded hundreds of Arabian Jews for the crime of not submitting to his brand new religion of peace.

In today's Iran, there may well be many thousands willing to live and let live. But they've not shown the gumption to rid themselves of the mad mullahs who have controlled them since 1979. The current denial of reality by the evil toad who holds the title of "president" of Iran's theocracy is merely part and parcel of the anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-God nature of Islam as practiced in Iran.

Should you think that my assessment is overly hostile to Islam, hard cheese. Actions speak louder than words, and there's yet to be an Arab nation that's made peace with Israel before losing at least three wars. And only then because we bribed them (think Egypt and Jordan). Anti-Semitic propaganda, much if not mostly state-sponsored, is the standard in places like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, which we used to think was simply due to their being Arabs. Call it the bigotry of lowered expectations. Iran, with its proud culture and history, is different. Or so we thought. We were wrong. The common element? They're Muslims.

Courtesy of the Washington Post, here's a mere sampling of the, to be really, really charitable, lack of sympathy in the Muslim world for condemning anti-Semitism of this sort. One may also get the picture by simply going to MEMRI and reading the translations that emanate from the cesspool of hatred that is the Muslim Middle East.

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