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6.05.2006    |    "all religions have their extremists"
The headline on this WaPo article concerning the foiled terror plot in Canada reads:
Arrests Shake Image of Harmony
Muslims in Canada Brace for a Backlash After Foiled Bomb Plot
The article focuses on how those poor, misunderstood and mistreated muslims are, somehow, being blamed for having jihadis in their midst. The usual apologists for bad behavior are making their usual excuses.

Among the worst of these excuses is along the lines, "everyone does it." This lame excuse is used by many, many miscreants, from those who cheat on their income taxes to those who rape, rob, and steal. And, of course, those whose religion is a natural fit for violence against innocents. From the WaPo article:
...some Muslims say the arrests are bound to increase suspicion and discrimination against them.

"A backlash is a given," said Fatima Rakie, 24, a Canadian-born woman of Lebanese descent who wears traditional black robes and a Muslim hijab , or head scarf. "People are aggravated with us already. They will think all Muslims are extremists. But all religions have their extremists."
Yes, Fatima, baby. People are "aggravated" with you already. Could it have something to do with the tens of thousands of deaths, worldwide, caused by those who kill in the name of Allah?

It is certainly true that all "religions have their extremists." But -- and a big "but" it is -- Jews and Christians don't kill innocent men, women and children in the name of God. The worst self-proclaimed Christian group that comes to mind is the Westboro Baptist [sic] Church (WBC) of Topeka, Kansas. These morons go about protesting the funerals of those of our fighting men who have given their lives for their country.

And, I suppose, some might label Pat Robertson an extremist. There are others, of course. But here's the difference: none of these Christian "extremists" go about blowing up innocents. Phelps and his moronic "Baptists" (I'm a Baptist; these people are too hate-filled to qualify...) do heinous things, but never with violence. And Rev. Pat sometimes engages his mouth before his brain has had a chance to work.

Islam is a religion of violence. Christianity is a religion of peace. It's as simple as that. And if the muslim community in Canada or the United States wishes to avoid a "backlash", then perhaps they should police their own -- do a little "frontlashing."


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