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7.31.2005    |    Jimmah's at it again
The pro-terror network aljazeera is happy -- they've got a pet ex-president in their camp. They quote Carter, speaking at the liberal Baptist World Alliance, in Birmingham, England, as saying
"I think what’s going on in Guantanamo Bay and other places is a disgrace to the USA...[it is] the cause of terrorism."
Along with the expected pronouncement from the left, that the war in Iraq is "unnecessary and unjust." All of which demonstrates, yet again, that Jimmy Carter is an embarrassment to Americans. If there is a situation where he can find the mote in America's eye, he will highlight it, ignoring the beams that protrude from the eyes of the balance of the world.

Gitmo is a place we keep those who would kill innocents; those who, demonstrably, deny all rights to women and "infidels." If Gitmo were truly an evil, harsh place, might it not have the opposite effect that is claimed by Carter et al? As in strongly discouraging, not encouraging, terrorists to take up arms against us? And, of course, Gitmo somehow caused 9/11, not to mention the hundreds of other heinous acts of terror that preceded 9/11 around the world?

As for the war in Iraq, we presume that Carter and those who support his viewpoint would prefer Saddam's regime. Tell that to thousands of Kurds and Shi'ia murdered; tell that to hundreds of thousands of Iranians (and Iraqis) killed because of his aggression.

The bleats of those who say, "oh no, we don't prefer Saddam, we just don't think war is the answer" ring false. Twelve years of sanctions demonstrated the futility of peaceful means.

As the Preacher tells us in Ecclesiastes (3:8), there is a time for war and a time for peace. Saddam's time had come. It's too late for his victims, but we can ensure that he'll have no more of them.

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