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9.05.2005    |    "our rights were derived from God"
The full quotation, from President Bush is with reference to the attempt by the ultra-liberal 9th Circuit to remove the phrase "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance in 2002:
"We need common-sense judges who understand that our rights were derived from God, and those are the kind of judges I intend to put on the bench"
This common-sense statement has surfaced again in the coming storm over both John Roberts nomination to be Chief Justice to replace William H. Rehnquist, and the forthcoming nomination of, it is to be fondly wished, an originalist associate justice to replace Sandra Day O'Connor.

The elephants in the room are abortion, the gay agenda, and other so-called "social" issues. All of which are addressed in Scripture, directly, or, indirectly. Hence, the left's intense scrutiny of the "religious views" of John Roberts and any future nominees. All of this is discussed, in what is, for the liberal media, a (somewhat) balanced article in today's Washington Post.

The article gives all sides, and then some. Extremely liberal senators, like Pat Leahy of Ben&Jerryland, and Dick ("our soldiers are Nazis") Durbin of a state that might be embarrassed to be mentioned, if they hadn't also elected Carol Braun and Badact Obama. Naturally, these two worthies, Leahy and Durbin, are also labeled "Catholic", as, of course, is John Roberts. Hence, their to-the-death (of many unborn children, you may be certain) defense of abortion-as-a-litmus test is just fine; they're Catholic, you see, and can't be construed as anti-Catholic.

It is obvious that the knives are out for any nominee who is against abortion. Likewise, any nominee who believes that homosexual behavior is a sin. The phoniness of the Leahys and Durbins of this world is that there would be not a single word said about a nominee's faith if they were a "peace and social justice" Catholic. That is, one whose views were focused on disarming free nations and redistributing their wealth, and never, ever, going to war. Or eating red meat. Or wearing clothing made in sweatshops in Asia. Or investing in Israel. After all, Jesus was a vegetarian pacifist, who marched in favor of ending the Jewish occupation of Jerusalem. Wasn't He?

A nominee's faith had better be the grounding for his beliefs. What better place to find truth than in God's Word? And if a nominee is not grounded in that truth, then he or she is, to use a tired phrase, very much unlike America. And even the liberals are always claiming to want a Supreme Court that "looks like America."

Except when it actually might.

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