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11.30.2005    |    "Christian Peacemaker Teams"
It appears that those poor, misunderstood and oppressed Iraqis have up and kidnapped a small group of useful idiots. These useful idiots call themselves "Christian Peacemaker Teams", and abuse the name "Christian" to further their anti-U.S. agenda.

To get a whiff of self-righteousness, hold your nose and go visit them here. This is a group whose core consists of guilty white liberals who never met a terrorist regime that they did not love. They will stand up and, in that hackneyed phrase, "talk truth to power", just so long as it is a one-sided truth that allows no real debate.

The small group that's been snatched is featured in today's news stories, of which one appears in the WaPo with this tidbit from the idiots' home team of "Christian Peacemakers":
"We are angry because what has happened to our teammates is the result of the actions of the U.S. and U.K. government due to the illegal attack on Iraq and the continuing occupation and oppression of its people."
Yes. "Illegal attack." Well, I'm not sure what the alleged illegality of our attack on Iraq has to do with Christ. If it is any and all wars that they are against, which they should be as pure pacifists, then where is their effort in Darfur? Oh, forgot. Any atrocity committed by Muslims must be acceptable. It's just us Anglos that are evil Sorry 'bout those crusades, old chums.

One thing that is certain: these idiots seemed to have had no problems with the hundreds of thousands that Saddam and his henchmen butchered over the years. To think that the United States and the United Kingdom are the real obstacles to peace is to not think at all.


Anonymous George said...

I may be off on this observation. I think its possible that they delibertly went looking for some group to do just what happened. They both get headlines for a brief period and ligitimizes them to the media.

12:02 PM, December 02, 2005  
Blogger Byron K. Borger said...

I think you are way too cynical about these pacifists and your mean-spirited critique doesn't, in my opinion, honor Christ that much, either. (Talk about self-righteousness. Man, the old adage "takes one to know one" sures seems to fit.)

You oddly ask why they don't protest in Dafur. Of course these are Westerners who feel called to protest their own governements actions, war waged with their taxes. To imply that they don't care about the suffering caused by Muslim is a base-less accusation, and, as the Great Knock taught C.S. Lewis, it is silly to make claims about that which one does not have adequate information.

You say they have never met a terrorist regime they didn't love. Spicy rhetoric, I suppose, but just a heap of bullshit. How dare you speak about these people unless you know something about them? How do you know their views about terrorist regimes?

You say they--idiots--seemed to have no problems with the butchery done by Saddam. Again, you make this very serious claim yet offer absolutely no basis or documentation. Such lefty, peacenik groups have spoken out against Saddam years ago already; some are more balanced in their position papers and public statements; your accusation offers little accuracy, let alone insight.

You wonder what the legality of the war has to do with Christ? Have you never heard of the just war theory? Most non-pacifist believers hold to this classic ethical framework. Perhaps you do not. But to snidely imply it is a goofy question only illustrates the shallowness of your post.

First time visitng your blog. I will read more, but if this is the nature of your "care" I can only hope that it soon deepens.

9:11 PM, December 02, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see a questionable role of this group in Iraq, but I think that it would be absurd for them to go looking for capture by insurgents. Absolutely a foolish notion, can't believe that someone would say this. And you think they are just trying to promote their organization by such a feat?

It looks like there is a stronger emphasis on social justice than genuine Christianity, on that point I would agree. There does seem to be a suspicion of US officials over other government bodies, on their site it looks like that is the premise.

11:31 PM, December 02, 2005  

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