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9.16.2005    |    Picture this
Imagine, if you can, a small Christian nation that wished to forcibly expel all Jews and Muslims from living within its borders. Further imagine that this nation not only would not grant full citizenship to its non-Christian residents, but made it a practice of spreading the vilest kind of racist propaganda about Jews and Muslims in its schools and media.

Now imagine how quickly that imaginary Christian nation would be roundly, and properly I might add, condemned in the various places where high-minded folk reside and pontificate on the moral ills of the world. Yes, there's nothing the world loves better than to chastize Christians who do not adhere to the universal application of human rights.

Back here on earth, of course, no Christian nation does such things. At least not any longer. Since the Reformation, our faith has been in recovery and has begun the long journey home to our roots. But nations that do this sort of thing, that is, practice ethnic cleansing and open discrimination against residents who do not share the majority faith, do exist. Quite a few Muslim states are like this, especially in their treatment of their Jews.

Of course, since the founding of Israel, most Arab Muslim states have been essentially Juderein. This new tradition, of ethnic cleansing of Jews from Arab lands, continues apace with the birthing of Gaza: No Jews here, any more.

Where is the international outcry? Why is it that Jews, and Jews alone, may be ethnically cleansed from lands in which they had resided for thousands of years? Why is it that Arabs may live freely in Israel, but Jews may not live freely in an Arab Palestine?

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Welcome. My name is John Luke Rich, (very) struggling Christian. The focus here is Christianity in its many varieties, its fussing and feuding, how it impacts our lives and our society, with detours to consider it with other faiths (or lack thereof).

Call this blog my way of evangelizing on the internet.

Putting it differently, we're only here on this earth a short time. It's the rest of eternity that we should be most concerned about. Call it the care and feeding of our souls.

I was born Jewish, and born again in Christ Jesus over thirty years ago. First as a Roman Catholic; now a Calvinist by persuasion and a Baptist by denomination. But I'm hardly a poster boy for doctrinal rigidity.

I believe that Scripture is the rock on which all Christian churches must stand -- or sink if they are not so grounded. I believe that we are saved by faith, but hardly in a vacuum. That faith is a gift from God, through no agency on our part -- although we sometimes turn a deaf ear and choose to ignore God's knocking on the door.

To be Christian is to evangelize. Those who think it not their part to evangelize perhaps haven't truly understood what our Lord told us in Matthew 28. We must preach the Gospel as best we are able. Using words if necessary.

Though my faith waxes and wanes, it never seems to go away. Sometimes I wish it would, to give me some peace of mind. But then, Jesus never said that walking with Him was going to be easy...

Final note: I also blog as Jack Rich on cultural, political and other things over at Wrong Side of the Tracks

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