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9.07.2005    |    Some humility is in order
Hurricane Katrina should be a wake-up call, a two-by-four upside the head. Not for the usual blame-game reasons of who didn't do what. Rather, to remind us that we are mortal. To remind us that we have failed, and will always fail. Hearings and investigations are promised, even before all have been rescued. This is merely a symptom; some of our officials seem more concerned about their precious reputations than about saving lives.

It is interesting that the single best take on our situation is provided by a former communist, and current oligarch: Vladimir Putin. The context is Jim Hoagland's column today, in which he relates his visit to Putin in Moscow, and brings us mighty Americans back to earth:
The feet of clay of a nation that has regularly vaunted its standing as the world's only remaining superpower have been in plain view in recent days.
How appropriate a simile; in the classic poetry of the Book of Common Prayer, "Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection into eternal life." Feet of clay certainly fits us. We, as a nation, were not brought down by a hurricane. We were, however, caught short, and many, many suffered, continue to suffer. We are, or should be, humbled.

The correct take is provided by Vladimir Putin. From the Jim Hoagland column:
"I look at this and cannot believe my eyes," Russian President Vladimir Putin said when I asked him Monday evening about Katrina's damage. "It tells us however strong and powerful we think we are, we are nothing in the eyes of nature and of God Almighty...We are all vulnerable and must cooperate to help each other."
"We are nothing in the eyes of nature and of God Almighty." Now, perhaps it was the translator, but I believe that Putin, as a believer (at least that's the impression he fosters, as having re-discovered the Russian Orthodox Church) meant, not that we are nothing in the eyes of God, that's clearly not true. We are in God's image, after all, and we know that His love for us is boundless (see how you'd measure up to the love in John 3:16). What Putin likely means is that we, as mere men, are insigificant in comparison with He Who Is.

We forget this at our mortal peril.

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